Professional landscape and portrait painter from Canada. Art has been a part of his life since an early childhood, when he started his initial art training he focused on drawing sharply. He has been the artist in the residence at several art galleries in Canada such as: Westmount Gallery in Toronto, Eldon Gallery in Kitchener Waterloo & the gallery on main in Lacombe Alberta. Receiver of several awards for his works, and has been awarded second prize winner for side walk art competition in Kitchener Ontario in 1999 , and interviewed by the media such as Rogers TV Channel in Kitchener Waterloo during 2004 ,   also by Alternative Trends Magazine in Alberta 2010.

Multi medium painter, he achieves his art with oil colors, acrylics, gouache & casein .  He produces his paintings in a representational style with a unique genre which is combining realism and impressionism together with brave brush strokes ,  equally an artist and an art instructor.  He has taught in many places such as: Northgate Lions Seniors Recreation Centre, Central Lions Senior Association, and City Arts Centre in Alberta & Wellington Centre for Continuing Education in Guelph Ontario and also Waterloo Arts Community Centre in Ontario. He also has many solo or group shows in  canada and abroad. His paintings and portraits are collected throughout Canada and internationally. He is amember of California Art Club and Visual Artissts of St Albert in Edmonton , Canada .